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September 13, 2014

My Easy Fat Loss


Jumpstart your fat loss.

7 day action plan that teaches

you ninja tricks to torch fat

whenever you need


Everyone wants to get off to a great start with a new fat loss plan.

However no one wants to be a yo-yo dieter that loses weight and puts it all on again.

I’ve been a sports nutritionist for over 8 years and I’ve developed and sold the 4 Week Fat Loss Program which works amazingly well. 

However I’ve seen some people struggle and it’s not because of what  we teach in Four Week Fat Loss doesn’t work.


Most Diet Plans are too big a leap in one go


It’s because it’s too big a step for people to go from their current diet which they’ve developed over years and has gradually piled on the pounds to cooking and preparing 4 meals a day like this.

If you can start eating like this 7 days a week starting tomorrow then stop reading now and go do it…

  • Scrambled Egg, Spinach, sauteed mushrooms with chicken

  • Mixed salad with avocado, smoked mackeral and roasted vegetables

  • Curried Cauliflower soup with spiced tofu and chicken

  • Salmon with green beans and broccoli and peanut satay sauce

A meal plan like the above is the gold standard it’s what we teach in Four Week Fat Loss.  

Don’t get me wrong the above is the type of meal plan that we are moving towards but for a lot of people making the TRANSITION GRADUALLY will result in longer term success.

Along the way we want to make sure the scales are going in the right direction and we are BUILDING STRONG HABITS as we replace the years of patterning.

If you’ve been eating jam and toast for the past 10 years for breakfast and having a muffin mid morning, it’s hard to change that overnight.

Habits on the face of it that sound simple but make a big difference to your health.

The simple habit of eating regularly during the day will change your life.

My Smart Food System Starts with a 7 Day Jumpstart

The 7 day JumpStart program will work for you if any 2 or more of the following apply

  • More than 6Kg (14lbs to lose)
  • You struggle to plan and cook your meals
  • Struggle to eat meals at regular times
  • Not sure what to eat for fat loss
  • Conflicted by differing advice
  • Struggle on diets to curb food cravings
  • Motivation and willpower is not the strongest
  • Find it hard to stop snacking during the day


Jumpstart is a 7 day plan that gives you the tools you need to lose fat for ever. You are not going to get the body of your dreams in 7 Days of course, that’s a dream, but I want to give you HOPE.

You’ill be on the right track to start with and there will be support following the 7 Days whatever you decide to do.

Importantly Jumpstart  helps you regulate your blood sugar levels so you don’t feel hungry and you can get on with life without obsessing over foods you can’t have.


Regulate your blood sugar levels


You’ll start building the habit of eating regularly throughout the day, this helps stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Stable blood sugar levels are VITAL when it comes to losing weight. Sure fasting works, for some people but it can be a high risk strategy that requires plenty of self discipline.

The 2 ways we Control Blood Sugar are

Eating regularly meals during the day

Consuming Low Glycaemic Index (GI) foods.

The GI is simply a measure of how fast a food is broken down into sugar and how quickly that sugar gets into the blood.

Table sugar that goes in your cup of tea is the reference with a score of 100,

White bread is in the 90’s at the other end of the spectrum is broccoli with a GI of 15

We want to eat foods with as low a GI as possible to keep your sugar levels even. If you manage this you will….


Stop Getting ‘Hangry’


When your blood sugar levels drop there’s a tendency to get, grumpy and irritable and Hangry. 

Hangry = bad food decisions.

Low blood sugar  also causes  stress hormones (cortisol) to be released. Cortisol  causes the body to store fat, so if you fall off the wagon and give into your hunger pangs and have a munchie attack your body is already primed to store fat..

Fasting can work in the short term for some people but get it wrong and it’s pig out city, a client told me ‘I stop eating when I despise myself’

A massive challenge people have when transitioning from the standard Western diet that is causing us all to be fat to the dieters and nutritionists favourite low carb- high protein diet

is that it is often hard to deal with cravings for carbs.




You may say that you ‘Haven’t got a sweet tooth’, however foods like rice, pasta, bread cereals and cakes are all high in carbohydrates that get rapidly broken down to sugar and SURGE into the blood stream and  have pretty much the same physiological effect as eating a MARS BAR.

I’ve read SCIENTIFIC REPORTS that say sugar is as addictive as heroin.

From what I’ve read about rehab clinics going ‘Cold Turkey’ is pretty nasty…

So to cut out all sugar abruptly without consequences is like dancing with the devil.

Sure it can be done, but you might end up chewing your arm off.

It needs will power or a massively powerful reason to change by going cold turkey on sugar.


Reduce your Carb consumption gradually

to improve your health markers


Most people state a reason to lose weight is to improve their health, sure it would be great to have a six pack, but feeling lighter and healthier is going to be a massive benefit.

However it’s not till we are staring down the barrel of a loaded gun with the Dr mentioning words such as ‘cancer, diabetes and heart disease’ that we are sufficiently motivated to change and cut down on sugar, control the carb cravings and lose fat.

The 7day jump start program

  • Gradually cuts down on sugar,
  • Reducing your craving for carbs
  • Replacing them with meals that stabilise your blood sugar levels.
  • And you’ll lose 3-7lbs in the   7 days

We can keep sugar in the plan initially by




If you have meals that are still relatively high carbs but HIGHER in fibre then you get a slow release of sugar into your blood stream.  No more sugar surges. This helps control your hunger.

We don’t cut out sugar, there are some sugars in the initial meal replacement foods but , IMPORTANTLY they are combined with large amounts of fibre that prevent your blood sugar levels rising.


Reduce your need to purchase plan and prepare your meals.


90% of that work is done for you in the first 7 days.

With most diet plans you’re faced with decisions about what you are going to prepare, cook and eat, it can be a bit of a ‘ball breaker’ and take quite a bit of planning and prep time to get things all buttoned down. 

For a lot of people it’s often a step too far.

To minimise this stress for you we take a gradual approach.  

You’ll get the full roadmap with the 7 Day Jump Start Plan.

Obviously you won’t be eating shakes and bars for ever.

The My Smart Food System is designed to transition you from your current diet using


TRANSITION FOODS give you the space to introduce


healthy meals that you love to prepare and eat

In the 7 day Jumpstart program we introduce you to several Low GI meals you can use as you transition back onto eating food that you buy and prepare for yourself.

You’ll gradually introduce these super healthy low glycemic meals into your normally weekly eating plan and you’ll get the time and space to develop these habits and meals and do so at your own pace.


Don’t stress over exercise


There is no focus on exercise and training during the first 7 days. Of course you will improve your results if you do some exercise but don’t want burden yourself with expectations of having to do more than you currently do.

Don’t stop exercising if you already do but don’t obsess about hitting the gym,  we want the changes you make to be sustainable.  What you eat is the most important factor in losing fat, you can’t out train a poor diet.  It’s also important to have 


Support and accountability is key for successful habit change


I’ll give you a link to join  Private Facebook group that I’m setting up to get advice and encouragement from others following the jumpstart program.

You’ll also get a 15 minute telephone consultation with me a fully qualified nutritionist to answer any questions you have and to keep you on track.

Before we talk about what this program costs


What do you currently spend on food?


First let’s have a think about what you are spending on food and drink during the course of a  typical day right now.  It might look something like this

Croissant and Coffee £4-5

Sandwich meal deal  £4-6

Curry and rice            £6-8

The average person easily spends £10-£15 a day on food, if you factor in additional shop bought purchases and snacks it could be a lot higher.  


£70-£100 a week per person


That’s without accounting for any takeaways or meals out at a restaurant

Let’s recap what you are going to get with the 7 Day Jump Start program

  • 18 Delicious Low Glycaemic Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 14 Low Glycaemic Food Bars
  • Extensive list of optional superfood enhancers boost nutritional content of your shakes
  • Fruit and Veg Flavour Combos to ‘pimp’ your shakes for additional nutritional value
  • Membership of a Private Facebook Group for advice and support
  • Free 15 Min Phone Consultation with a trained advisor to answer any questions
  • 20 Low GI meal ideas and recipes – you’ll never need to buy another recipe book.
  • Daily e-mails to help keep you on track
  • Online Learning Platform – access to mind-set hacks to ensure permanent weight loss.
  • Resources and strategy to carry on after the 7 Day Jump Start
  • Shaker Bottle

You get this all for only


That’s less than £10 a day and includes 90% of your food for the week. It’s not like you are paying the money and just getting information.  You take money you are currently spending and directing it elsewhere to help you lose fat.

What’s more there’s a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don’t like anything about the program and you decide this is not for you. Just ask for a full refund. No dramas at all, you’ll get a full refund.


What happens after the 7 Day Jump Start


There are 2 options I’d like you to consider. Carry on with the transform phase of the MySmartFoodSystem

1 Incorporate more ‘Real Foods’ and reduce shakes and bars over 6 weeks


2 Go straight onto the Four Week Fat Loss Style of eating. I’ll give you access to that system which we usually charge £37 at no extra cost.