Internet Marketing Strategy

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September 11, 2014
September 12, 2014

Internet Marketing Strategy

Back in 2004 I started looking into the world of website development, I was working with a start up company and we needed to get a website revamped and more customers into our funnel.I remember the buzz of setting up my first auto responder and getting my first newsletter subscribers.

I’ve dabbled with most areas of internet marketing, SEO, Adwords,and email list buildings. As social media has become more of a force I’m active on Facebook and Linkedin.

I’ve developed and sold products like.

Four Week Fat Loss
1 Month Muscle
Functional Performance Nutrition Course

Creating a product is like owning an asset (like owning a rental property), something that can kick out income without having to work too hard.

My specialism though is copywriting and e-mail marketing and developing products.

I consult with clients to help them develop an overall strategy and approach to their business and developing products. I’ve had a few duds that have bombed as well so I’ve got a good ‘spidey sense’ for those that are not going to fly…

Here’s the type of thing that I can do.


Connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn and send me a message giving me some back ground and we can take things from there.