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July 3, 2014

BJJ Coach

After my first session I was hooked.

I’d never been interested in martial arts as a kid, I don’t even remember even trying a class.

When I had my son Jack I took him to try all sports and he started doing karate when he was 4. At his first Karate grading I saw adults sparring and thought
‘ I like the look of that’ and started training. After a couple of years my karate teachers started learning BJJ and introduced some elements into the karate classes.

After approx 10 lessons the kids (including my son) were taken to a competition and I asked ‘Shall I enter, I’m going to be there watching anyway’

I won both my fights and won a gold medal.

Here is my first fight in case your interested….

I was hooked

I stopped karate and took up BJJ almost immeadiately.

The journey continues I’m now a purple belt (white, blue, purple, brown and black) and have an incredible amount still to learn and develop.

What I love about BJJ is that you have to always think, there is always a way that you can beat an opponent and you need to have a strategy.

BJJ develops flexibility, strength, movement skills and cardio fitness as well as confidence.

When we train we can go at 100% stopping short of the point of being choked out or having your arm broken.

With both combatants knowing what would have happened in a real fight.

For kids it enables them to control a bully and hold them down without the need for having to hit them and do damage.
If you practice BJJ you walk with the confidence that is repellent to a bully.

You’ve also experienced scrabbling around on the floor and being in tricky positions and knowing not to panic.
If the fight was real you are less likely to freeze because you have been in this situation and it is your opponent that will feel like a fish out of water.

I train at Oxford Shootfighters BJJ with Max Campos and teach 3 classes locally in Oxford.