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Every week I get contacted by people who wanted to get started in a career as a sports nutritionist. If I’ve directed you here, then the information in this post if you act upon it could be the defining point in your career. It’s not an easy task getting paid employment as a sports nutritionist there aren’t hundreds of jobs available and as you may know it’s very competitive with lots of universities offering degree and masters courses. One thing I always tell people is to start a website and the article I’ve added below echos this, your blog is the new resume. What are the advantages of setting up your blog and when should you start. The best time to start is right now, Even if you are on your first day as an A level student you can start a blog, think of it as your online learning journal. Imagine going to an interview and saying that you have a blog with over 500 posts on it, it has 200 visitors each day and you have articles from some of the top nutritionists on there. Is that going to set you apart or what? Here are some strategies you can use to get started Get your own domain name your will be a good start Get a wordpress blog set up. Follow other nutritionists blogs Make comments on their blog posts get to to know them. If you are into a sport e.g rugby follow the strength coaches from that sport Make a list of the nutritionists and strength coaches at all the top clubs post it on your blog Follow these people on Facebook twitter and linked in Ask them if you can reproduce their articles on your blog. Offer to write or edit articles for these people Blog about what you are learning at Uni and at seminars Go to seminars if you can’t afford it ask if you can help out setting things up. Write product reviews Review articles Review sports nutrition supplements with an affiliate link to the product to make some cash Become an affiliate for online products. Participate in forums Go to the big shows like Body Power Expo and B Fit Show If you manage to only do any of these really well then you will set yourself apart from the crowd. The reality is if you are not prepared to do these things then you are not going to make it as a sports nutritionist, you need to have a certain amount of balls and confidence to put yourself out there and deal with athletes who are not used to taking any shit and can often smell bullshit or fear a mile off. Anyway I hope this helps. Leave a comment if you are serious and start your process. How I Got Two Job Offers and a $200-an-Hour Consulting Gig from Blogging Six Figure Blogging – Upcoming Teleclass: Blog Tips at ProBlogger This guest post was written by Joe Bunting of The Write Practice. And then something happened that changed my blogging strategy forever. Someone offered me a job. Your blog is your resume Pretend you’re an employer, a marketing firm with 100 employees, and you’re looking to hire the 101st. Who are you going to choose? All the candidates look the same: similar educationa; backgrounds, similar experience. But one of them has a blog with 500 subscribers, a Twitter account with 1,000 followers, and is already an expert with Google+. The other candidates don’t. Who are you going to hire? Here is a strange but true thing I heard an actual employer say: “The blog is the new resume.” Resumes are outdated and growing irrelevant to today’s employers. Your blog gives a much fuller picture of your identity and your expertise. Nowhere else can you so quickly get a sense of a person’s skill, experience, and ability to engage others around what they know. The other model for making money online In only six months, I got two job offers, three requests for consulting work (one for over $200 an hour), and was asked to work on three paid projects. On top of that, I generated hundreds of leads for high-priced, hourly work. How? Just by blogging to a group of people who needed services, in my case, to creative writers. The best part is that you can do this, too. Anyone can. It’s very simple. 1. Who: Define your audience Who is your audience? You need to know who your audience is because you need to figure out what services they need. Define their: career hobbies and interests age demographics annual income. If you’ve been blogging long with any success, you probably have a fairly good idea of this already. I didn’t need to do a survey to realize most of my readers were over 30, well educated, and wrote novels and creative non-fiction as a hobby. If you don’t know this yet, make it your top priority. If you can figure out how they think, you can sell to them (and in this business model, what you are selling is yourself). The best way to define your audience, in my opinion, is simply by meeting them. When someone begins to comment regularly, email him. Ask to chat over the phone; if you live nearby, meet for coffee. By interacting with your fans you solve two problems at once, you get to know your audience and you turn them into friends. Once they become your friends, you get the opportunity to make them into your customers. 2. What: Identify what they need If you don’t know your audience, you won’t understand what they need. My audience is creative writers, so I developed a site that I thought would interest them. Slowly, as I began to understand who was reading my blog, I realized there was a huge need for editing. My readers liked to write, but they didn’t like to edit. I found my opportunity. As you get to know your audience, identify what they like to do and what they hate. What are they good at? What are they terrible at? And how can you help them be better? As you do this, you’ll begin to spot opportunities for your services. They might need: Education: You could develop a course teaching them what they don’t know. Consulting: You could sell your time and expertise helping them solve their problems. Complimentary services: You could sell services that your audience needs. Let’s break down the complimentary services section a bit more because I think this is where this blogging model becomes really interesting. For example, I realized my audience—creative writers—needed editing services. So I began to pitch this to some of my friends and they loved it. Some of them even approached me! If marketers are your audience, on the other hand, offer design or copywriting services. If homebuyers are your audience, offer listing services. If your audience needs a lawyer, then offer your legal services. If your audience blogs, you could offer ghost-blogging, design, editing, or copywriting services. 3. How: What if you don’t have any skills to offer? Now, let’s say you’re writing to people who want to get better at internet marketing. You think your audience needs help writing copy, but you don’t have any experience in copywriting. I had this problem. I knew my readers needed editing help. I had some expertise with editing, but I didn’t feel comfortable selling my services to the guy who comments on my blog every day. What if I do a bad job and he gets upset and leaves? So I started reaching out to editors, asking their advice on how to be a better editor. I emailed, called, and met face to face with them. This is when the most surprising thing happened. One of them, an editor who has worked with bestselling authors, offered me a job. So not only did I get some practical knowledge to help (and sell to) my readers, I had his name to back me up. And one of the reasons he hired me was because my blog was my resume. He saw I was already passionate and talented. It was an easy decision. After that, selling my services became much easier. And a much better way to earn money with my blog than selling Adsense. This is a very quick overview. Do you have any questions about how to sell your services and use your blog as a resume? Have you done this with your own business? Joe Bunting is a professional writer, fiction editor, and platform consultant. You can follow Joe on Twitter and download a copy of his eBook, 14 Prompts, for free. Originally at: Blog Tips at ProBlogger How I Got Two Job Offers and a $200-an-Hour Consulting Gig from Blogging Sent with Reeder Gavin Allinson Sports Nutritionist BSc (Hons) CISSN 07403 379977 01865 742006

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