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Earn 1k a day forum review

As you can see from the image below I've joined the earn1kaday forum. It's been just about 2 weeks now since I've joned and as you can see I've already made 26 posts. There is lots of great info in ther and many products that Dennis the owner fo the forum gets resale rights for, […]

Do you need a boss?

Link: Seth’s Blog: Do you need a boss?. I thought this was an interesting insight on why people fail in business and it reminded me why the Total Success Institute environment of accountability is so successful at helping its members get results Do you need a boss? You don’t realize how much you need a […]

Meeting at Newbury

I presented a talk at a group meeting of Basil Meanie’s at Newbury on Thursday Morning.  My talk was based around principles I have come across in Rich Schefrens Internet Manifesto.  I tried to incorporate some of the techniques Ihad used form the super elephant memory course.

The science of siblings

The New Science of Siblings Your parents raised you. Your spouse lives with you. But it’s your brothers and sisters who really shaped you. Surprising research reveals how   By JEFFREY KLUGER                               AL IN THIS ISSUE Jul. 10, 2006 Table of Contents » […]

Should I stay or should I go

When is the right time to move clubs.  Do I stay here and finish what I started? Do I need to move to seek a new challenge?  Am I getting stale Michael Owen moved to Real Madrid and that same year Liverpool went onto win