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We had representatives from First Beat talk at our Performance Seminar 2 weeks ago. I was so impressed with the technology that I’ve made the decision to purchase a licence and will be offering the assessments as a service to clients.

This technology is so much more powerful than tracking activity with a device like a Fit Bit, it gives a whole added dimension to the detail that you get and the opportunity to make real behavioural changes.

After the initial assessment has been completed and report compiled.

We will have a 60 min consultation and review to discuss the findings and potential strategies that we can use to implement behaviour change.

Between 4-6 weeks we will have a 30 minute catch up call to discuss the progress and then between 6 and 12 weeks we will book in a second assessment with the electrodes to assess more specifically the impact of the changes that you have made.

A second report will be created and we will have an additional 30 min call to assess the results of that report.

Once fully operational I’ll be charging £395 for these assessments as an introductory offer the price is £275. I’m only offering 8 reports at this price.

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We had representatives from First Beat talk at our Performance Seminar 2 weeks ago. I was so impressed with the technology that I’ve made the decision […]
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